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High School Alumni Anticipate Being More Religiously Observant in 10 Years Time

In the Day School Alumni Survey (DSAS) that was compiled and distributed through the Institute for University-School Partnership in the spring of 2010, the alumni responded to three questions about their self assessment of their religiousness.  Participants were asked to evaluate how religious they were when they left high school, where they are now, and where they anticipate being in 10 years.  20% of the alumni surveyed indicated that they were less observant after they graduated high school than they were when they entered.  Similarly, 21.8% of the alumni surveyed indicated that they were less observant now than they were when they entered high school.  However, when students were asked to anticipate how observant they thought they would be in 10 years time, only 1% of the alumni surveyed indicated that they anticipate being less religious than when they entered high school.

On the flip side, 41.4% indicated being more religiously observant when they left high school than they were when they entered,  47.5% indicated being more religiously observant at the time they were surveyed than they were when they entered high school and an overwhelming 60.4% anticipate being more religiously observant in 10 years time than when they entered high school.   The chart below displays the results


Religious Observance

These finding suggest that during adolescence and the twenties, some people do drop in their religious observance and are aware of that drop, but when they are asked where they would like to be on the religious spectrum in 10 years time, they respond almost unanimously that they want to be at least as religiously observant as they were when they entered high school.  This indicates that they all feel and hope that the drop in religious observance that they experienced will be temporary and once life settles down more and they are married with children, have a job, etc., they anticipate returning or surpassing to their previous religious observance.

These three questions are just a small sub-set of the questions asked and the data that was analyzed on the DSAS. The Day School Alumni Survey (DSAS) will measure how your school prepared and influenced your graduates for life after high school – both academically and in terms of their connection to the Jewish community.  The five main factors that are assessed in the DSAS are academic preparation, religious commitment, commitment to practicing halacha, communal involvement and school’s mission.  In addition you will receive specific feedback regarding teachers, classes and programming which will allow you develop and improve.  We will provide you with a report outlining how your alumni responded overall and broken down by key demographics such as gender, religious affiliation, and time spent in Israel as well as comparing your school’s performance to other similar schools.

Call or email Shoshana Ross now to find out how your school can participate in the DSAS at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or (415)963-9698.  The survey and the reports are all free of charge.


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